Q:  What is the typical monthly fee?  How is this fee determined?

A:  Monthly fees are generally between $3,000 and $10,000 depending on several key 
     factors.  The monthly fee is determined between RGC and the client after evaluating the  
     nature of the company, the industry, the size of the company and their potential legal  
     issues.  The benefit of a monthly retainer is to structure the retainer to fit the company’s 
     specific needs.

Q:  What do you mean when you say “day to day” legal issues?

A:  By serving as the company’s legal department, RGC takes a proactive approach, 
     providing overall management of legal issues for the company.  These services include 
     drafting agreements, corporate governance matters, employment issues, acquisitions 
     and obtaining and managing outside counsel when necessary.  We look for the most 
     qualified outside counsel to handle each specific matter as opposed to capturing all   
     legal matters within one “full service” law firm.

Q:  It doesn’t seem to fit with a traditional model for operating a business?

A:  Traditionally, lots of large companies have in-house counsel.  RGC permits mid-sized 
     companies to retain experienced “large company counsel” on a limited basis because 
     the company’s need is limited.  The value that in-house counsel brings is very  
     traditional; overall management of legal services for the company to ensure quality and 
     cost effectiveness.  More and more companies are outsourcing various core components 
     of their company; technology, HR etc.  RGC now provides in-house legal services on an 
     outsourced basis. 

Q:  In what industries do you have the most experience?

A:  Most of RGC’s experience has been in the service and manufacturing arena.  Working in 
     these industries with a cohesive management team provides RGC with  the opportunity 
     to add best  in class value. 

Q:  Does my mid-size company really need legal advice every day?

A:  That depends. Each company is different and has different needs.  Most mid-sized 
     companies probably don’t need legal advice every day, but they probably do every    
     week,  or every other week at the least.  By paying a monthly retainer, the company is 
     encouraged and able to afford to call RGC before a question becomes a  problem!