Retained General Counsel (RGC) provides affordable in-house legal support to companies who wish to retain experienced, part time General Counsel. Retained General Counsel focuses on the overall legal needs of the company and the often-significant need for legal support with limited resources as opposed to a transaction based practice. Our goal is to effectively manage legal risk principally with pro-active legal advice and strategy while minimizing legal expense.


By taking a proacitve approach to our client's legal and business demands, RGC is able to provide the overall management of legal issues for the company. 
This management includes, but is not limited to, such critical tasks as:
                                     * overseeing contract negotiations
                                     * handling employment matters
                                     * evaluating liability issues
                                     * obtaining and managing the best outside counsel
                                       when necessary

The goal is to develop a lasting relationship with the company, its management and outside counsel. Legal, regulatory and contractual requirements pose a significant environmental constraint, and opportunity, for our clients. It is our goal to minimize risk, maintain compliance and maximize opportunities in that environment.